The Need and Importance of Urdu Language


Urdu language creation:

The literal meaning of the Urdu language is Lashkar. The journey of the creation of the Urdu language spans many years. The Urdu language is also called the language of teaching. It is called the language of teaching because it contains words of many languages ​​like Arabic, Turkish, Iranian, Persian, etc.

Origin of Urdu language:

The birth of the Urdu language means that Urdu is one of the first languages ​​in the world in terms of usage in four languages. According to research, it is the third-largest language in the world. In this regard, English and Chinese come first. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, but in India, it is called the secondary language “Mir Aman”, named after Dehlavi Shah Jahan. Compared to other regional languages, Urdu has been patronized, but Urdu has sometimes been called “Urdu language” and sometimes “Urdu Maali”. Gradually only Urdu words came to be known. The first Urdu word was used by Muhammad Ikram Chughtai in 1176/1762 in Dehlavi.

According to Dr. Jameel Jalebi, the Urdu language grew up under the influence of Muslims and it is the language of all languages ​​of the continent of Pakistan and India.

Different views on the origin of Urdu:

 Sir Syed Imam Bakhsh Azad says:

“Urdu era Shah Jahan was born around Delhi from 1628 to 1685”

 Mir Aman Syed Khudabakhsh:

In the Akbari era, Urdu was formed in 1605 AD.

 Syed Mar Harvi:

1210-1192 Urdu Burj Bhasha and Persian merged.

۔ Listen to the fall:

With the arrival of Muslims, Urdu became a part of local dialects.

Different Urdu names:

The different names of Urdu are as follows.

  1. Hindi or Hindi
  2. Urdu e Mu’allah
  3. Urdu
  4. Reekhta

Importance of Urdu “Language is a piece of meat. By shaking it, man has been expressing his meaning and purpose with different sounds for centuries. This language gives man superiority over other animals. With the help of language, man expresses his emotions. And expresses feelings

And because of this people can explain their lesson and also the requirements of the surrounding environment. There are three cases which are as follows:

  1. To speak

Speaking means that we combine different sounds to express our feelings in the form of meaningful words and sentences which we call “speaking”.

  • Writing:

Writing means that we can record different sounds and clarify from different areas to record and combine them to form letters. This process is called writing.

  • Study :

Reading means that when we write in our own voices, we encourage others to read the sounds that give us the ability to learn. This process is called the reading process.

  • Language Needed”

Whatever the language of the region, people seek their help for their ideas and impressions. Having a language is very important for us people. Language helps us to live in every destination and in every kind of area. It can be estimated with the help of the following points.

  • ۔ God’s gift:

The Urdu language is a gift that has been given to us by Allah Almighty. Human beings have created languages ​​on a creative level which are used in accordance with the natural social laws. Because language is a natural process, at the societal level, the language that becomes the language of the people has the status of acceptance. Therefore, man can naturally be called the creator of the language.

  • ۔ Social need:

In social need, man has been called a social animal. Language helps us to communicate with different people to increase social interaction. Due to language, we are able to maintain friendships, relationships, and animosity with people. Language helps us to speak and also helps us to utter good and bad words. In order to acquire knowledge, we need a variety of newspapers and books for training to offer work in any film. Language for everything. Require.

  • Cultural need of language:

 Culture is the name of adopting the behavior of any nation. Culture is the name of the learned ways of life. Preservation of culture is done only with the help of language. The deeds of our forefathers will be preserved for generations to come by storing experiences and the progress that has been made in every field so that they may make their efforts in this light.

  • The political need for language:

Meeting the national and political requirements of a country requires a common language, commonly called a national language. Different people living in a country meet in a common language to achieve their national and political goals. That language helps us in every way in our circle. There are many countries where more than one language is spoken, such as India, Pakistan and China. And they need a language for their national and political needs.

  • The moral and spiritual need for language:

The moral and spiritual necessity of language means that one aspect of life is its moral and spiritual personality, the satisfaction of which is as important as its other aspects. People receive their religious and moral teachings through language. Language is also used in prayers. Good and moral speech is formulated in order to promote the relationship between human beings. Strong relationships are developed from within the language.

  1. Literary and aesthetic need of language:

The literary and aesthetic necessity of language means that language is a natural gift to man. Man always wants to be close to nature and is impressed by its beauty.

In the same way, there are many ways in which a person can express his feelings to other people, which gave birth to literature, and inhuman literature, poetry, fiction, drama, and novel are called to appreciate beauty. Language is needed to express emotions, thoughts, and impressions So that the intensity and truth with which it is affected by the beauty of something has its own style of expression and language.

  1. ۔ Psychological need for language:

There are many ideas and thoughts in the human mind. Psychiatrists also insist that people express the thoughts inside them in words, because if there is no way out, then these thoughts are his. No cause for mental illness. In the same way, we get rid of our mental disorders only through language. What we think in our mind, we pay with our tongue, due to which we face some diseases. We can also use emotions through language and I also have the opportunity to express myself in order to present the organization, so the psychological need for language is also important.

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