The Art Man


Human history exposed the true ideology of “The Art Man”. In ancient times, people used old man-made technologies for their personal and commercial work. At the time there was a man who always observes social progress and turned it into art. The art was itself a mirror of society that declares the truth and current image of society in all aspects. The Art man always uses the red color for bad happenings and green color for the good happenings.

Once at the riverbank, the Art man saw that the river is crossing its boundaries. This was an alarming situation he thought that if he tells the people about it this will be a life-saving effort. He starts telling people to go far from the river bank and save their wealth.

The effort was fruitful for the people and mostly survives the flood. This makes him worthy and the moment breaks the set of emotions and he becomes the well-wisher of the people. He always helps the people in his surroundings and he taught a great lesson” The great people always help the poor”.

At this moment, the sketches are turning into worthy action that holds the ideal thought. Throughout the whole life, he used the best ideological thinking power to saves the nation and society from evil. He always draws the sketch and then turns this helpful action drawing into action and his efforts were going to popular in society.

He adopted the noble profession of art and art always based on ethics and religious facts. Through the mirror of society, he used the literature tool to express his values and morals in front of society. He was a man of words. He always walks near the bank of the river and eats fresh vegetables and fruit.

The philosophers and doctors wear a special piece of cloth while serving the nation but the Art man was always ready to serve the nation. In his life, he saves more than 13 thousand people and helped more than one million people in just 57 years of his age.

The Art man was buried near the cardigan river. He was never married. He is still alive in the heart of poor people. He always fights for the rights of poor people. He also works for the educational progress and its composition.

The theme of art man is very clear that reflects the natural truth and happenings of the century. He was a great legend that represents the mirror of society in order to put a huge amount of persons in the rich platform.

Thus proved that, the life of a genius person is very difficult as compare to common man. The power of his wise and intelligence make him the ideal personality of the society and all respect him.

The Art man was a hero of poor people. He was the real one who fights against the richness and other narrow mind people. He got success in various types of works. He was a great man in the 12th century.

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